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This is an amazing grain free cereal option. Add fresh bananas and our non-dairy mylk, and it is even better! No oats or cane sugar. Just oven dried pecans, walnuts and almonds that were soaked overnight and slowly toasted for 18 hours. Soaking overnight in distilled water helps to breakdown enzymes that aids is better digestion. Lightly sweetened with organic maple syrup. 

Ingredients: pecans, walnuts, almonds, organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg, organic coconut oil, Himalayan Pink salt, vanilla extract, organic maple syrup. 

Story Behind This Nut Bark (AKA Granola): My son, Fulton, with Crohns has always been limited with sweets (what kind and how many). This grain-free nut bark was his only option for cereal, and thankfully he loved it. In fact, I started making this for my clients back in 2015. It was a hit, and to this day, we still make it for our family to enjoy. 

All of our bags are compostable.