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GA dry roasted pecan butter

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Small batch fresh dry roasted Georgia Pecan butter. Our pecans come from South Georgia Pecan Company out of Valdosta, Ga. We dry roast and cream the pecans in small batches. Made fresh before delivery or shipment. No oil, no salt and no sugar. 16oz. We use reusable mason jars and special leak-proof lids, so you are able to use the container over and over again. Refill Revolution is one of our missions. 

Ingredients:  Dry Roasted Georgia Pecans 

Story Behind This Butter: My son, Fulton, has always been limited with what he can have, especially being allergic to peanuts. One of the first things we had to find is a nut butter that did not have sunflower, safflower or other added oils and sweeteners. A decade ago, this was almost impossible to find, so I made our own. Pecan butter is one of my favorites because it is low carb, naturally sweet, and has a natural delicious vanilla flavor.

Bags and Glass Containers: 
All of our bags are compostable. Our glassware and lids, except for mylk bottles, can be returned on your next visit or enjoy throughout your home. We are working on creating a Refill Revolution. Any glass returns, we sanitize and reuse them. Join Good Graham in being part of the big change towards reducing land waste. Bring containers to the market or you may collect them and we will pickup from your Savannah local home on Thursdays. Just let us know by selecting "Ready for Pickup" at the bottom of our website.