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Chewy Nopemeal Cookies

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The texture and gentle sweetness and flavor of these little chewy cookies is addictive, and will remind you of Oatmeal Cookies. Our Chewy Nopemeal and Ginger Snap cookies are non-GMO, dairy, gluten and grain free! These are made to order in very small batches, they freeze beautifully and have a shelf-life of 10 days. 15 cookies (2.5" diameter each). 

Package will arrive within 48 hours of shipping. 

Ingredients for Chewy Nopemeal Raisin cookies: Non-GMO blanched almond flour, organic cashews, organic coconut sugar, organic arrowroot flour, organic raisins, organic cinnamon, baking soda, and our own organic fair-trade aged pure vanilla extract.

Packaging: Our baked goods and sweets are delivered in compostable bags.   

Story Behind This Cookie: It's Summer, and we love sharing our cookies at the market and shipping them all around the country, but our popular cashew butter cookies do not like the heat. So, we worked hard in the kitchen to create a low inflammatory, vegan, and Paleo cookie that could satisfy any sweet craving.