What is "Dirty" Good Graham?

Dirty, our indulgent product line, originates from playful banter between my sister, Talley and me. We both try to make healthy choices for our families, but from time to time, we just have to get dirty. Sometimes, you just want to make Ramen, a "Dirty" Dorito casserole, or a full-on layered chocolate cake. Don't get me wrong, while many of us strive to make healthy choices, sometimes, you just have to do it dirty. 
From time to time, many of us can or want to indulge in tasty comfort foods that don't fit in with our daily macros or our family's dietary lifestyle. "Dirty" is our way of saying "Sometimes you just have to do it dirty." So, we then take our favorite comfort foods and make it with the best dirty ingredients while still keeping to our southern roots.