Why We Use Reusable Containers

Single-use plastics are a huge problem, magnified by uncertainties. “Don't let the pandemic ruin your fight against single use plastics!” some of us are pleading, and that is why Good Graham wants to be Savannah's first meal delivery company using reusable containers. 

Adam Farbiarz, owner of Deliver Zero, a reusable container company currently implementing their genius all over New York, notes once upon a time, there was an older model of sustainable takeout in New York. “Most people don’t realize it, but the original form of takeout was, you were a lonely old bachelor and you didn’t know how to cook, and you would go to an old lady in your building who would give you a pot of food, and when you were done, you would bring it back.” The term for this woman was an “Old Stove,” not exactly a compliment to the chef. But given the rise of food delivery, the concept is due for a comeback. “That is the origin of takeout food,” says Farbiarz. “It seems so civilized and classy, so why can’t we get back to that?”

At Good Graham, we want to “get back to that” as Farbiarz said. That is why we offer our meals in reusable containers. While those at Deliver Zero have chosen reusable plastic, we have decided to use glass. 

Now, you may ask, “Why not compostable containers?”. We have asked ourselves that same question. In fact, we may need to switch from glass to compostable containers as we grow. While many have pinned their hopes on these single-use alternatives, some researchers, and recyclers caution we really are not changing consumer behavior or patterns. Jack Hoeck, Vice President of environmental services at Rexius, a Eugene-based recycling plant that no longer accepts compostable products, says “From a climate change perspective, it would be better to reduce the amount we’re generating.”

In short, Good Graham is trying to create a truly circular system that can significantly reduce waste. Therefore, we highly encourage our clients to sign up for COR Compost's kitchen waste removal program.

Join Good Graham is in the chrysalis of the Southeast's first 'Refill Revolution'. We look forward to serving you! Thank you for being the change!

Katherine Graham
Co Founder, Good Graham