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Good Graham started as a way to help manage our son's symptoms of Crohns disease ( to read more about Fulton, click here). We learned early on that certain foods caused inflammation that resulted in flare-ups, and in 2015, I started as a personal cook for families, many of whom had dietary issues similar to Fulton. By the summer of 2020, we wanted to find a way to offer a wider audience some of the foods we have prepared for our clients over the years. 

All of our dishes are served in either Pyrex style glass containers with lids or Mason jars. These containers make your meal easy to warm in the microwave or the oven. Your delivery will arrive in reusable thermal bags. Once you have enjoyed your meals and rinsed the containers, contact us online by selecting "Ready for Pickup" located at the bottom of our site. Place containers in thermal bag and place on your doorstep. We collect every Wednesday or on your next delivery. Good Graham is working on creating a "Refill Revolution". We are hoping to reduce landfills of single-use containers.