Interactive Food Prep Sessions

Are you finding it difficult to find time to prepare healthy homemade meals for your family, or for the new diet you are on? Maybe you have an aging parent that would benefit from having fresh salads or meals already made. Being prepared for the upcoming week, can make all the difference in how well you or your family eats. We completely understand, and whether your family is dietarily restrictive or not, Good Graham has a solution that will help. 

What if, you had a helper that guides in stocking up on weekly or monthly meal and snack staples? Having someone organize, buy ingredients, and get you and/or your kids stocking the fridge and freezer with staples would help energize your week. Imagine having an after school program at your home, where your kids and/or your kids and their friends met to prepare your and their family's meals for the week or the month? Everyone would be going home prepared with enough food basics to last up to 3 months. Bonus, if you are the family's cook, with these sessions, you didn't have to shop or prep. How delightful is that?!? You will also empower your children to manage family meals and organize what sometimes can feel overwhelming to even the best cooks. 

How this works:
We could all use help meal planning and constructing, and if you have children, they are perfect helpers. These sessions are an excellent time to teach them how to prepare food and become more familiar in the kitchen. Good Graham offers family's, students, adult groups, and individuals, food preparation sessions in an private in-home environment. These sessions will help your family be stocked for the week and even the month with healthy meals, snacks, and beverages. We offer many ideas (see below) on how to help your family prepare for the upcoming weeks. Just contact us, we will discuss your needs, and schedule a private in-home class session(s). Our interactive sessions run from 1.5-4 hours long, depending on the menu. Cost includes ingredients plus our time (planning, materials, shopping, instructing, and commute).

Interactive Session Breakdown

Kids Night to Cook
Having Fun with Cooking Interactive Session

(up to 3 kids - ages 5+): This option allows us one on one time with your kids in your home to instruct and prepare a delicious and simple dinner for you all to enjoy that night. They will learn how to prep food, clean, and gain an appreciation for the meal. The cost includes the ingredients, plus $90 for a 90 minute interactive session. We shop, plan materials, teach, and cook! But, most importantly, we have fun!!!! 
$90 - $200
Large Batch Food + Meal Prep Interactive Session for Individuals, Families, Student or Adult Groups: 
This is our heavy-duty food and meal  prep session. The session charge, is the cost of ingredients, plus $200 for the 90 minute interactive session. This includes shopping, recipes and labels, teaching, and commute. A lot can be done in a small window of time with the right helpers. For example, in one session, we can prepare up to 24 slow cooker or Instant Pot freezer meals. Including the cost of ingredients (usually around $175 for 24 meals), that can start as little as $16 per meal for a family of four. With this session, you or your child will learn how to prep weeks worth of food, have weeks worth of meals premade, and you didn't have to shop, or do it alone. No mess. No hassle. We offer Women & Wine meal prep sessions as well. Fun!

Hosting: If you would like to host an in-home class with extended family, friends or homeschool groups, please let us know. This is a perfect opportunity for kids to learn with friends. We suggest, if you are interested in hosting a group class, the cost of the session be divided among the attendees. We will only be collecting one payment from the host home. 
Instructional and Taste Testing Interactive Session
for Individuals or Groups
This option allows us to instruct you, your family or a group in how to make meal helpers or food offerings that promote good health. We are well versed in Paleo, AIP, Keto, Whole30 and SCD. We offer instruction on dairy free cheeses used in meals, grain free snacks, plant-based mylks, homemade yogurt, nut butters, green juices, and smoothies, plus a lot more. In these sessions, you will learn how to make meal items once thought difficult or overwhelming. The cost is $90 for a 90 minute interactive session. Cost may increase depending on what and/or how much we will be recreating. We shop, plan materials, instruct, and cook. But, most importantly, we have fun!!!! 




Collection of Session Ideas

Salad Prep
Have jars and jars of diced veggies or pre-prepared salads and dressing for the next 1-2 weeks. Lunch and/or dinner sides are complete! Session costs may vary. 
Batch Freezer Meal Prep
Prepare weekly or monthly meals ahead of time. Thaw the night before, and place in the crock pot or Instant pot the next day. Some dishes will require an added side dish such as rice or pasta. Up to 24 meals created in just one session.
Weekly Meal Prep
Preparing up to 3-4 meals for that week that will be refrigerated and then baked or constructed the day of. (waffles, salads, soups, pulling rotisserie chicken, and dinners, etc.)
Large Batch Snack Prep
Prepare muffins, granola, cut fruit, cookies and other treats. Dietary restrictions welcomed! We are well versed in Keto, Paleo, Dairy Free, and Gluten Free.
Large Batch Fridge Stock Prep
Cut fruit, veggies, plant-based mylks, nut butters, breads, salads, beverages, juicing, bacon, diced chicken, boiled eggs, shredding chicken, etc.)
Fall/Winter Soup Prep
Pre-make to freeze your family's favorite stews and soups. Let us help you plan, shop and prep. Just thaw and and place in crock pot or Instant Pot the day of.
Holiday Prep
Pre-make to freeze holiday side dishes like dressing, macaroni and cheese, and other casserole and dessert favorites. Just thaw and bake the day of. 
One Night's Meal Prepared
Simple instruction for the kids to construct that night's dinner. 
Large Batch Dietary Restriction Meal, Refrigerator and Freezer Prep.
Good Graham will help teach, prepare foods, so that you stock your fridge with items that fit your dietary needs. We are well versed in gluten free, grain free, dairy free, keto, Whole30, and SCD. 


For more information, or to schedule a session, call or text us at 912-231-7297 or email at Be aware, that session and ingredient pricing are subject to change.