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LOCAL ONLY: organic cashew mylk (just water + nuts)

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Wouldn't you like fresh plant-based milk unlike any you will find at the grocery store? No additives. No thickeners. No preservatives. Just two ingredients. Thick and creamy, our Non-GMO plant-based whole mylks cannot be found in conventional stores. We pride ourselves with the best quality and flavor of organic cashew mylk, making each bottle in small batches. No pulp waste. We use the whole nut to create a thick and creamy mylk to replace whole milk or canned coconut milk in any recipe. 

Aiding in better digestion, our small batch mylks are made from organic cashews. This Mylk is perfect as a coffee creamer or added to dishes.  

Ingredients: organic cashews and distilled water 

Story Behind Our Mylks: My son, Fulton, with Crohns has always been limited in what he could eat or drink. A lot of what I made in the first few years of his diagnosis needed milk added to it. His diet at the time would not allow milk unless it was made into yogurt (which is something else I learned how to make), so I learned how to make various consistencies of mylk. This particular mylk can be used in the place of regular whole milk. The fat content and calorie content are almost the same unlike store brands. Many have had to use heavy canned coconut milk as a recipe solution, but our mylk works great even in scrambled eggs. I also learned that dairy was causing issues with my hormones and inflammation. One of the hardest things to find was a creamy dairy substitute for my coffee that didn't have inflammatory causing ingredients. This cashew mylk solved my problem! So delicious!

Shelf-life: If properly refrigerated, your beverages will last up to a week to 10 days. 

Bags and Glass Containers: 
All of our bags are compostable. Our glassware and lids can be returned on your next visit or we will pick them up. We are working on creating a Refill Revolution. We sanitize and reuse all glass containers and lids (not mylk lids). Join Good Graham in being part of the big change towards reducing land waste. Bring containers to the market or you may collect them and we will pickup for your Savannah local home on Wednesday. Just let us know by selecting "Ready for Pickup" at the bottom of our website.